Monsoon Top Tips

Monsoon Top Tips

I love monsoons.. or do I? Err.. so as a kid, I absolutely used to love rains. I remember this one time as a child when I was in school and it didn’t rain till mid-August and when it did ultimately, we all ran away from the class to play in rain.. even the class teacher didn’t stop us!! And now when it rains, you begin to think of options since getting out of the house is like going to a party where only vehicles were invited!! So its good bye to those long drives in rains 😦

Nonetheless..I continue to adore rains and the earthy fragrance of rains, and here are my top picks for the season so that you can enjoy the monsoons to the without worries:

  1. Waterproof Eyeliner/ Kajal: Rains bring humid and moist weather, making your eye makeup spread all over. Girls, panda eyes look cute only on those little cuties, so spare yourself and get smudge proof & waterproof eye liners or kohls.

MUB Recommends: MAC Powerpoint Pencil, Maybelline Colossal

Eye Pencils

  1. Avoid Heavy Makeup: Less is more this season! Heavy makeup can clog pores of facial skin making way for skin conditions like pimples. So ditch the foundation till the weather becomes less humid, and give your skin breathing space. Use a translucent face powder if you must during the day!
  2. Hair Serum/ Smoothening Cream: Unmanageable,frizzy, lifeless, weighed down… We all go through these hair issues during the monsoons. You also may see yourself washing hair more often than normal days since no one likes rain washed hair. What you need is a goodsmoothening cream or hair serum to fix your hair woes, and keep the natural bounce and shine intact without weighing them down.

    MUB Recommends: Bed Head After Party Smoothening CreamBead Head After Party Smoothning Cream

  3. Blotting Paper: so these I were introduced to me by my sister, I had to take her word since she lives in the super humid land of Singapore.. These are the ultimate saviors in case you want to take the excessive oils off your face while wearing makeup. They ensure the makeup doesn’t budge and leave face with a matte finish.
Blotting Paper

Got these from Thailand, work pretty well

  1. Colorful Eye Pencils: Use them in vibrant hues to brighten your day! Since you are not wearing much makeup, these were make you stand out from the crowd                                                           IMG_5780 IMG_5782
  2. Water based Moisturizer: DO NOT skip moisturizer, it helps retain the natural elasticity of the skin. Use an oil free, matt-ifying moisturizer to ward of excessive oil

MUB Recommends: Nuetrogena Oil Free Moisture

  1. Tinted Balms: I am smitten by how pretty tinted lippies look while providing the goodness of balms! Go ahead and choose your favourite!

NYX Colored Lip Balm

And most importantly.. go out, have fun in the rain or sit by the window and see the droplets by the window.. Let rain not dampen your spirit!!


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