Maybelline Hooked on Pink Lipstick

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The wedding season deserves a break to get over from all the chaos and dancing madness. You will understand what I am saying if you have been a part of an Indian wedding, where half the family starts planning for their outfits and the other half starts panicking on the logistics from day 1! The outcome of this totally crazy desi-dance marathon is always an unforgettable celebration for life which leaves you all drained with withdrawal post party symptoms. So, to break the monotony, I am treating myself to a holiday with my bestie..yayyy!!! Sunglasses- √ , Coolness Quotient–√, Prettiness – Always √

Adding to the prettiness is Maybelline Hooked on Pink lipstick. It’s a drool worthy shade in hot pink, very creamy in application and is super pigmented also. The lipstick settles nicely   on the lips and makes them look… ummm very desirable 🙂

Maybelline Hooked on Pink

Lip Swatch


It has a slight sheen to it, but If you want to wear a matte look then use the dab-power-on-tissue trick. It lasts for good 5-6 hours on me and fades gracefully leaving a beautiful tint on the lips.


Single Swipe(Left), Double Swipe (Right)


Price: INR 399

 The Goods:

  • Hot pink shade!!
  • Does not dry/chap lips
  • Good staying power
  • Great price

The Not So Good:

  • None for me

Overall Verdict: A+

Maybelline has come up with a superb range with such affordable price tags, that it may prove to be a game changer for a lot of drugstore brands.

Go ahead, get yourself this amazing shade if you are a fan of pink like me and stay beautiful!



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3 Responses to Maybelline Hooked on Pink Lipstick

  1. Prettykooll says:

    Love this shade, perfect name for the shade


  2. I love it in winters!


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